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Guy Manning

The band Manning was in existence from 1999 - 2014, formed around singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Guy Manning.

Guy was previously an associate of Parallel or 90 Degrees (PO90) and also a founder member of the internationally respected, The Tangent.

Guy has an impressive record of having a new Manning album ready for release annually!!

"Manning produce an eclectic mix of music which broadly falls within the 'progressive' genre, but in reality spans many different musical forms from beautiful ballads and folk-tinged songs through to awesome all-out rock workouts and true progressive epics – no two songs sound the same!"

The final lineup of Manning were Rick Henry (drums and percussion). Kris Hudson-Lee (basses and backing vocals), Julie King (additional keyboards, percussion and backing vocals), David Million (lead guitars) and Martin Thiselton (keyboards and backing vocals).

Such a sizeable line-up is able to reproduce the quintessentialy symphonic Manning sound on stage!

Manning have also been very fortunate in having some terrific musicians making Special Guest appearances on the albums including:
Andy Tillison (The Tangent & PO90)
Laura Fowles (Hed Kandi)
Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn (Lindisfarne/Jack the Lad & Hedgehog Pie)
Steve Dundon (Molly Bloom)
Angela Gordon (Mostly Autumn)
Martin Orford (IQ)
Marek Arnold (Seven Steps to the Green Door, Cyril & Toxic Smile)
Leon Camfield (Tinyfish)
Chlöe Herington (Knifeworld & Chrome Hoof )
John Young (Lifesigns, The John Young Band, Asia & Bonnie Tyler).

The band experienced a surge of interest and support, with the 2007 album “Songs From The Bilston House” being nominated for "Album of the Year" by the Classic Rock Society (CRS) and a series of storming headline gigs in support of the acclaimed* “Number Ten” album (released 2009).

*Please see the Press page for all the published MANNING reviews.

2010 was a milestone breakthrough year for this remarkable band with some amazing festival slots including the first venture over the Atlantic to appear at the RoSfest in Gettysburg, PA. USA in May.

The eleventh MANNING album "Charlestown" was released in Oct 2010 and was again nominated by both the CRS and the Italian ProgAwards for the "Album of the Year".

2011 continued all the hard work with even more UK dates and a brand new (12th) studio album "Margaret's Children" released to a great set of reviews and support!

2012 has been a very important and busy year for live
shows including the first European shows and an afternoon headliner performance at the fabulous Summers End Festival...they also released a new "Akoustik" album of re-imagined / re-worked Manning pieces in an 'unplugged' format...

2013 saw more gigs booked in the diary and the release of the next (14th) MANNING Studio album "The Root, the Leaf and the Bone"

At the start of Jan 2014, Guy announced that the current 'band' line-up was retiring for the foreseable future. He would continue working on new material but there was no rush to release this.
More news as and when it happens

Julie King

Rick Henry

David Million

Kris Hudson-Lee

Martin Thiselton





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