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The Official Manning on Youtube
The Manning Group on Yahoo!
Guy Manning on Myspace
Manning on Facebook - Official Group Page
Manning on Facebook - The Band Page
Manning at SteveA's forums

Other Bands/Artists

Molly Bloom
Fantastic band from Bury area in UK playing eclectic and dramatic music featuring ex-MANNING band member, Steve Dundon.
David Million
Talented MANNING guitarist, producing some fine music of his own.
Marek Arnold
Very talented Sax, Clarinet (and Keys) player who guests on "Margaret's Children", "The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" and "Akoustik #2".
Check out his other bands and Projects!

Excellent London based band.
Great lads, we have played alongside them and it's always fun!
Leon Camfield played all sorts of percussion on "Margaret's Children"

Excellent Wales based band.
We have played alongside them on a few dates.

A great North-East Band.
We shared a stage at ROSFEST 2010.
Up and coming young band from Madison, Alabama.


Mostly Autumn
York based band
(ex-member, Angela Gordon guested on the "Cascade" and "The Ragged Curtain" albums).

Parallel or 90 Degrees
A Progressive site from this based around Andy Tillison.
Guy and Andy Tillison produced the "No More Travelling Chess" album under this name.
The Tangent 
UK based band led by Andy Tillison which featured Guy Manning.


Ed Unitsky
Provided the artwork for "A Matter Of Life and Death", "One Small Step...", "Anser's Tree" and "Margaret's Children"
Rosie Manning
New Website < youareheredesign.co.uk
Rosie provided artwork for "Tall Stories for Small Children", "Songs from the Bilston House" and "Charlestown"



KINESIS Kinesis is the main USA vendor which stock all of our current albums. Larry is the MAN!
Progrock.co.uk Progrock.co.uk
Fantastic selection of Progressive CDs (including MANNING).
MANNING Direct Sales MANNING CDs Direct
You can also buy your Manning CD's, Gig tickets and T-shirts on this site!!
The band get a better return on the cash for these, so please support the band!!


Reviewers / Radio

Progressive World Web Net
US Progressive reviews site and more.
Stephanie Sollow is in charge!


The Dutch Progressive Rock Pages
An excellent source of Progressive Reviews and news.

Once more, a Progressive Rock Review site run by Ron Fuchs.
The Progressive Music Society (PMS)

The Progressive Music Society
This is a great place for discussion and for general support/information about newer emerging progressive artists. 

  Sea Of Tranquility
Excellent Reviews, Views and News.

Delicious Agony
Progressive Radio.

ARFM - Soundscapes Radio
With Paul Baker
The European Perspective

The Dividing Line Radio Station
With the David 'the Amazing Wilf' Elliott

The International Prog Rock Show
With Francoise Marceau



Festival Music (F2)
The label on which the latest Manning albums and reissues are released.
ProgRock Records
ProgRock Records
The label on which albums #6 to #8 were released.
Cyclops Records
Cyclops Records
The label on which Manning's first five albums were released.




Manning played RoSfest 2010 in Gettysburg, PA

Adam Welch

Adam has provided some of the marvellous Concert photos for this site

AMG Music Guide Site For Guy Manning

AMG Site relating to Guy Manning













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