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The Debut album by DAMANEK is called

Released May 15th 2017
gep On Giant Electric Pea (GEP)

Dan Mash - Bass

Guy Manning - Lead / Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Instruments, Acoustic Guitars, E-Bow, Percussion

Marek Arnold - Saxes, Clarinet, Keyboards, SeaBoard

Sean Timms - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Banjo 

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Tracks on the album (the links take you to individual pages about each piece) :

1. Nanabohzo and the Rainbow
2. Long Time, Shadow Falls
3. The Cosmic Score (Heaven Song Pt. I)
4. Believer-Redeemer
5. Oil Over Arabia
6..Big Parade
7. Madison Blue
8. Dark Sun 

Dan Mash
also plays with 'Maschine', 'United Progressive Fraternity'
Guy Manning
also plays with 'Manning', 'United Progressive Fraternity', 'The Patchwork Alliance'
Marek Arnold
also plays with 'Seven Steps to the Green Door', 'Cyril', ''United Progressive Fraternity', 'The Patchwork Alliance'
Sean Timms
also plays with 'Southern Empire'

Other featured musicians/special guests:

Brody Thomas Green Drums (on 1 to 6) [Courtesy of 'Southern Empire']
Tim Irrgang Percussion [Courtesy of 'United Progressive Fraternity']
Antonio Vittozzi Electric Guitars [Courtesy of 'Soul Secret']
Luke Machin Electric Guitars [Courtesy of 'Maschine', 'Karnataka', 'The Tangent'']
Stephen Dundon Flute (on 7) [Courtesy of 'Molly Bloom']
Nick Magnus Keyboards (on 3) [Courtesy of 'Nick Magnus']  
Phideaux Vocals (on 8) [Courtesy of 'Phideaux']
Ulf Reinhardt Drums (on 8) [Courtesy of 'Seven Steps to the Green Door']
Chris Catling Guitar (on 4)  
DavidB Backing Vocals 
Julie King Backing Vocals  
Kevin Currie Backing Vocals  
The Santucci Horns 
Eric 'Tooch' Santucci - Trumpet / Alex Taylor - Trombone (on 4 and 6)

Album CD design and artwork: Tony Lythgoe

Website band logo and train picture: Antonio Seijas

All music/lyrics written by Guy Manning

Mixed and Produced by Sean Timms

Special arrangement created by Nick Magnus for 'The Cosmic Score' (thanks Nick!)

Thanks to Mark 'Truey' Trueack for lyrical suggestions on 'Dark Sun'  

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DamanekBand/
Website Home: www.damanek.com



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