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A Matter of Life & Death (The Journal of Abel Mann)

Mechanical Release - October 2004
Progrock Records - Catalogue Number PRR138

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Press & Lyrics Pack

The Dream MP3


* Guy Manning: Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Mandolin and Vocals
* Laura Fowles: Sax and Vocals
* Andy Tillison (Courtesy of The Tangent and PO90): Keyboards
* Gareth Harwood: Electric Guitar
* Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn: Fiddle
* Tim Moon: Cello
* Rick Ashton: Bass
* Neil Harris: Piano, Melodica & Percussion
* Ed Unitsky: Copyright Cover Art


  Song Title Duration
1 The Dream 06:56
2 Nobody's Fool 05:09
3 Omens 05:26
4 The River of Time 06:29
5 Silent Man 04:09
6 Falling Down? Rising Up! 07:56
7 Life's Disguises 03:25
8 Out of my Life 08:44
9 Midnight Sail 05:15














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