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Vinyl Tall stories pledges needed

16/03/2024 Making Shore available on vinyl

New Patchwork Alliance album on bandcamp

28/02/2024 Vote/Survey closing down

Add TALL STORIES survey link

17/04/2023 New "Oculus Overture" Promo video published

GEP launch their BANDCAMP ARTISTS Page

01/03/2023 Guy Manning Interview for Lazland


13/02/2023 Guy Manning Interview for Music In Widescreen with Mark Monforti (YouTube)


29/01/2023 Updated BIOG for Amanda Timms & More MS reviews

Added Q & A Interview for Soundcheck Network & Other Reviews + Crown Of Thorns Video

14/01/2023 Added more MAKING SHORE Reviews / New update / Orders page update

Added MAKING SHORE Progmeister Review

09/01/2023 Added MAKING SHORE MLWZ Review

More MAKING SHORE Reviews added

02/01/2023 Added MAKING SHORE Promo Pix to Gallery & GoFundMe Thank you

New Making Shore Promo video releaed - A Mountain of Sky + 1st reviews published

14/12/2022 News Update - Early Review Soundbytes

NEW MAKING SHORE album Sub Site launched

16/01/2022 News Update - GEP announce New album

News Update : Making Shore FINAL mixes & mastering (Updated)

10/04/2022 News Update - The Patchwork Alliance

News Update : Bandcamp Demos

05/06/2021 News Update

Update of Biographies for 'Making Shore'

21/04/2021 Added New Biographies for 'Making Shore'

News Update

28/08/2020 Added Ragusa Promo Video to Releases Tab

Added New Clip of Sean working on 'Blue' to Main page

07/06/2020 3rd Album - GoFundMe campaign news

Added New Banner Photo

20/09/2019 3rd Album News update

In Flight Review - Background Magazine added

15/12/2018 In Flight & On Track - ProgressoR Reviews + New TOUR PIX

Rock Society Review and Interview

06/12/2018 In Flight - Prog Archive Reviews + MWLZ Review + In Flight Tour Pictures in Gallery

End of the tour news

06/11/2018 In Flight - Review ProgDog
02/11/2018 In Flight Reviews and Interviews added
16/10/2018 In Flight - Review ProgWereld
13/10/2018 In Flight Review - Prog-Report & Sonic Perspectives & KOID9 (Interview & Review)
05/10/2018 In Flight - ALBUM Released news
30/09/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - FragileKings Review
28/09/2018 In Flight - Prog Magazine & BetreutesProggen Review & Prog Report Interview with Guy
22/09/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - Interview with Andre (Future Features)
21/09/2018 In Flight Review - Progradar
15/09/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - Press Page - Interview With Emma Roebuck (Progzilla) + Progmeister review
12/09/2018 In Flight Interview with Craig Ellis bacon (MusicTAP)
10/09/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - Press Page - Interview With Guy Manning (Music In Widescreen)
07/09/2018 CDs have arrived news + opened up the In Flight sub site from Releases
31/08/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - New - Album goes onto Pre-Order & RAGUSA track released
25/08/2018 Updated Site Banner with In Flight album Cover
24/08/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - the Great Artwork Reveal - fully revealed
17/08/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - the Great Artwork Reveal Pt 6
11/08/2018 Added IN FLIGHT - the Great Artwork Reveal Pt 5
19/07/2018 Added Tzan Niko BIOG and Updated LINKS page
14/07/2018 Added Raf Azaria BIOG
07/07/2018 Added Gospo BIOG and Updated LINKS page
06/07/2018 Added SANTUCCI HORNS BIOG
01/07/2018 Updated NEWS of In Flight Progress
17/06/2018 Added Raf, Tony & Tzan Biography Pictures
25/05/2018 Added DAMANEK (band) Biog page
11/05/2018 Added Brody Drum Session for In Flight
20/04/2018 Added Swindon Date to tour details
13/04/2018 Added TICKET links to LIVE page
31/03/2018 DAMANEK On Track - Fireworks Magazine review
28/03/2018 DAMANEK + SOUTHERN EMPIRE 'In Flight' Tour 2018 announced
12/01/2018 DAMANEK On Track - The Sound of Fighting Cats review
16/12/2017 DAMANEK On Track E K Karn review
08/12/2017 DAMANEK On Track - ProgVisions review
19/11/2017 DAMANEK Releases Page Update - Includes BIG PARADE
27/10/2017 DAMANEK On Track 2 Reviews - Musicreviews.de and Progrock.org.pl
20/10/2017 DAMANEK Progarchy review of On Track added to Press
07/10/2017 DAMANEK Progressive Archives Reviews added to Press
12/09/2017 DAMANEK Interview with Guy Manning IO Pages Magazine
25/08/2017 DAMANEK Progression Magazine / Amarok Prog Mag / Jerry Lucky Reviews added to Press
13/08/2017 DAMANEK Progzilla Interview with Guy Manning + News Soundbytes updated
12/08/2017 DAMANEK Background Magazine Review added to Press
10/08/2017 DAMANEK Prog Mind Review added
04/08/2017 DAMANEK ProgRadar and KOID9 Reviews added to Press
29/07/2017 DAMANEK ProFil Review added
25/07/2017 Interview with Guy Manning (Via Nocturna) added to Press
22/07/2017 DAMANEK New SE Photos by Howard Rankin added
21/07/2017 Interview with Guy Manning (ProgReport) added to Press
15/07/2017 DAMANEK NeckBreaker Review
13/07/2017 DAMANEK ProgRock.com Review
13/07/2017 DAMANEK Releases Page Update - Includes Cosmic Score Promo Video
08/07/2017 DAMANEK IO Pages Review
07/07/2017 DAMANEK ProgPlanet Review
05/07/2017 DAMANEK DPRP Review
29/06/2017 DAMANEK Releases Page Update - Includes LTSF Promo Video
28/06/2017 DAMANEK ProgWereld and Big Bang Mag. Reviews plus Soundbytes on NEWS
26/06/2017 DAMANEK Album review (WAVES - French Review)
19/06/2017 DAMANEK Via Nocturna Review
18/06/2017 DAMANEK Album review (The Progressive Aspect)
10/06/2017 DAMANEK News about the LTSF Promo Video release + Progmeister review
09/06/2017 DAMANEK Album review (MLWZ)
03/06/2017 DAMANEK Album reviews (The PROG Report + StreetClip TV)
29/05/2017 DAMANEK Album review (ISKA Photos and Works) + Kev Currie BIOG
27/05/2017 DAMANEK Album review (AMAZON)
25/05/2017 DAMANEK Album review (ECLIPSED & PROG magazine) + PROG Guy Manning Q & A Feature
20/05/2017 DAMANEK Album review (Imperial - Progressive Ears)
06/05/2017 DAMANEK Album review (Paul Baker - Soundscapes)
29/04/2017 Added Tim Irrgang BIOG
26/04/2017 DAMANEK Album now on Pre-order
06/04/2017 ON TRACK Pre-Orders info added
14/03/2017 DAMANEK sign to GEP
11/03/2017 Updated ON TRACK pieces info pages
26/02/2017 On TRACK updates
28/01/2017 Added New ON TRACK song pages (via RELEASES tab)
08/11/2016 Added Summers End 2016 Reviews
30/10/2016 Added BLOG function
15/10/2016 Added Julie King Biog
12/10/2016 Added Luke Machin + Dan Mash Biogs plus Summers End Gallery Pix
05/10/2016 Added SE Report on news page & Brody Thomas Green Biog
26/09/2016 Added Sean Timms Biog
20/09/2016 Added Steve Dundon Biog
19/09/2016 Added Antonio Vittozzi Biog
14/09/2016 Added Antonio Seijas Biog
12/09/2016 Added DavidB Biog
10/09/2016 New: ON TRACK Pre-orders to start soon
09/09/2016 Damanek Live line-up announced + Nick Magnus Biog
06/09/2016 Added Chris Catling + Marek to Biography
02/09/2016 Biography Page Updated; Releases Page Updated
30/08/2016 Added News : Phideaux + Link added plus Front Cover artwork
27/08/2016 Added News : Brody Thomas Green on Drums
13/08/2016 Added News : Stephen Dundon + Molly Bloom Link + Guestbook Image added
08/08/2016 Added News : Cyril: Paralyzed / New GUESTBOOK added
23/07/2016 Added News : Tim Irrgang
20/07/2016 Added News : Santucci Horns
19/07/2016 Site Tidy Up







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