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Set in a post-Dystopian future...Mankind has finally come to terms with its warmongering nature and has learned to forgive. Although this 'peace' is still relatively tentative and only a century or so in practice, it is a start...

The protagonist rides on the air currents in his Skyboat looking down on the Agrarian way of life that has now been returned to, whilst pondering on the circumstance and potential longevity of this new way of life.


Here, on my Skyboat
I can see the dragon foothills below me
Crossing the river
Plains of desert melt into the snow

I call upon the mountain
I call upon the trees
I call on all the magic that makes up a dream

As we work this land together
As we plant tomorrows seed
As we face each other uncertain of the ways to redeem  

Sinking...I'm falling to the bottom of the Sea
To reach into the deep and bring back a pearl
Lost, in confusion
How did all this madness finally find me? 

And there was a time, when we stood here as one
Against our own making and desires
A call to arms, a drop of bitter blood
A sacrifice which we now understood



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