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(Heaven Song Pt.2)

As with its sibling piece ("The Cosmic Score" on 'On Track'), this idea came to me through musings as I looked up at the night sky!
If Man is made up mostly of water ('Four pails of water and a bagfull of salts' according to Peter Hammill) and the Moon controls the behaviours of the tides and waters on Earth, then could the Moon not control us too?
And, if you could manipulate the Moon, then you could effect the Human population down on the Earth as well? The Moon-Catcher has that ability!


He lifts his arm to the sky tonight
Looks along its’ line    
The Moon is cupped in the palm of his hand
so now he controls the waves

Moon-catcher, Moon-catcher
Can you stir my heart?
Lead me to love and desire

Moon-catcher, Moon-catcher
Lost in sweet delight
Following the call of the Night

Each flex of a finger brings a new response
He skims the craters and seas
The cold barren orb now pulses with life
and directs the earthly emotions beneath



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