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The Crawler

Things that go bump in the night...
Our psyche holds in the darkness which contains a carnival of evil things!
From an early age we know to fear and respect these elementals...

The Crawler


In the middle of the night comes the shadow light to play
It drags across the room and the star shine hides it away
Criss crossing the mirror, it crawls along the floor
Slips into darkness to wait behind the wardrobe door

In the middle of a forest, where a cold hunters eyes stare you down
Behind you is a presence and you want to, but cannot turn around
Locked in the moment, when your shivering blood runs cold
Remembering every fairy tale you've been told

In the middle of a dream where you can't awake
In the centre of a feeling that you just can't shake
In the instant when you listen to that inner voice
On the pivot of the scale where you have no choice

In an hour, there'll nothing left of you
In a minute, lost to everything you ever knew
In a second, a beat of your heart…

We wait for the Crawler, his many names and faces
A legend born in darker times
We wait for the Crawler, as if he was invited  
He speaks to us and taunts us from the back

"Dead fingers talk
Dead fingers whisper
Dead fingers claw at one million eyes
You are a fragile thing
You and your kind dissolve so easily
and Death beats his wings for you"

We wait for the Crawler…



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