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Tony Lythgoe - Graphic Design

I am a creative brand and design consultant with over 30 years experience in the industry. My experience in the music industry ranges from product cover design and artwork for Vinyl, CD, DVD, box sets, merchandise design and artwork, advertising and promotions - including digital assets and content for online marketing, websites, email campaigns, digital advertising etc. I have art directed and created content for promotional videos and performance films/projections. 

I currently work very closely with GEP Records to help them maintain the high visual standards for their artist roster. Clients who have trusted me with their creative direction include: IQ, Damanek, Synaesthesia, Martin Orford, Geoff Mann, Renaissance, Steve Thorne, Threshold, Big Big Train, Spock's Beard, Niadem's Ghost, Purposeful Porpoise, Atlantic Records, GEP Records, SI Music, Tidal Concerts, DesertFest, the Underworld.

I am happy to work with artists and labels of any genre but seem to find myself working very well alongside Prog, Rock and Metal type artists - but my style is as eclectic as my taste in music. I am as comfortable in preparing hand-created artwork using traditional media as I am with Photoshop and computer-created artwork.

I am particularly fond of seeing an entire project through from initial concept, product and packaging, promotional material, performance assets (get your new album artwork on your kick-drum!) and video, advertising and promotions.

To illustrate the benefit of this holistic approach, I use the studio album from IQ "The Road Of Bones", for which I art directed and created the "world" we wanted it to live in. The album was presented in three CD iterations, including a special edition box set, as well as a triple vinyl package. We promoted with targeted advertising, promotional video, an integrated social campaign, an online marketing and advertising takeover in PROG Magazine and a range of quality concert merchandise. This strategy, combined with the fact that "The Road Of Bones" is an exceptionally good album, resulted in the album charting top ten in UK national charts, the first charting for the band in over 20 years. The album has topped polls worldwide and, personally fulfilling for me, the cover artwork was placed number 2 in the DPRP Poll 2014 Best Artwork category.

Artists and labels looking for a professional, trustworthy, cohesive, managed approach to their projects will find this in abundance alongside creative ideas, great artwork and problem-free production.




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