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Steve Dundon - Flute

sdAt the age of eleven whilst routing through his parent’s wardrobe “looking for hidden Christmas presents”, Steve discovered an old wooden flute that belonged to his father.

Although unplayed for years he managed to blow a few notes on it and took it to school the next day to show his music teacher. She took it out of his hands and replaced it with a shiny new metal flute!

Usual things then afterwards with school band and orchestras up until the age of 19, where he tended to find himself improvising during rehearsals.

Music interests at the time where bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC etc.

Steve discovered Jethro Tull and was blown away by the cool looking trampy bloke who played the Flute. He later joined a Tull tribute band called Seismic Ring and toured the clubs and pubs and once in the USA .

Steve also toured with Mick Abraham’s (Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig) recreating the music from the first Tull album "THIS WAS" (the only one that Mick played on).

Since its formation in 2000, Steve has performed in Molly Bloom where he writes, sings, plays Flute and Tenor Sax.

A four piece rock band that play their own self penned material played on Classical Guitar, Flute/Sax, Bass and Drums.

“Molly Bloom have succeeded in combining the seemingly incompatible influence of folk, metal, punk and prog to produce a rather special and immensely original album”  (Prog Magazine)

Steve has also been a very important part of the Manning recording and live line-up since 2012.
He also helped joint friend Phideaux out on his much acclaimed "Doomsday Afternoon" album

"When we needed flute, there was only one person I wanted to call really!
The flute arrrangement that I wrote for "Madison Blue" is beautifully rendered by Steve.

It is always fun and a great working relationship, I want it to continue!" (Guy)





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