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Jonathan Barrett - Fretless Bass

lindaJonathan Barrett is world famous, just not on this world.

He plays fretless bass.

Unfortunately his instrument makes many mistakes and often plays out of tune.

He's played with some good bands and is a published songwriter.

He's also played with some dreadful bands,but is still a published songwriter.

He likes dogs,especially Cairn Terriers, drinks to excess at any opportunity and despises right wingers, jugglers and mimes.

The picture above shows him in front of The Atomium, Brussels.

Do not ask him what strings he uses...ever!

Don't ask him about amplifiers or any other equipment as he doesn't care...

"Cairn Terriers. Not to be fucked with" Jonathan Barrett (April 2021)

cairns"I have worked with JB for 40 years on and off...he often states that he hated it...but I know for a fact there were a couple of tolerable days in 1982.

He has always produced the most fantastic fretless parts for my Manning albums and I could not wait to get him playing on the new Damanek (3rd) album"





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