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Brody Thomas Green - Drums

Brody is one of the rare breed of drummers that is not only great at hitting things with sticks, but is also a stunning vocalist with a supersonic range, guitarist, keyboardist and song-writer.

His taste in music goes from Symphonic Metal to musical theatre and everything in between. He is also the regular drummer for international celtic folk/world act

The Borderers. Inventive and passionate, Brody is a true musician's musician.

Brody says "I am a professional session drummer. I specialize in the 'Heavy Metal' genre and have been fortunate to play with some of the biggest names/bands in the Adelaide and Australian metal scene. But I also play other genres such as jazz, funk, folk, pop etc.

As well as drumming, I also love to sing, and as a hobby, I enjoy performing musical theatre!

I also play Keyboards, Guitar, Bass and I record (myself and other bands). So as you can imagine, I spend pretty much all of my time doing something musical!

But besides music, there are other things about me to...

- I love spending time with my friends/family
- I care about the environment
- I give all my spare change to charities
- I love meeting new people
- I have pretty strong morals
- I LOVE fantasy
- I care about other people too much

That's pretty much all there is about me.

I'm pretty friendly and I always like meeting new people, so feel free to chat anytime about (almost) anything

"Brody has brought a real energy and precision to the drums parts on the album...it has been very exciting the hear these as they were assembled in place" (Guy)





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