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avAntonio says "At home there was always music in the air. 
I remember when my father played guitar and my mother sang… that guitar, which hung on the cellar wall, would change my life. 

My first introduction to music was through a piano (unfortunately but it seemed too "mechanic" and unemotional to me, made up of scores and solfeggios inadequate to my tender age.

After many years, that famous guitar asked me to be hugged and my father, fearing I could break it, bought me a new one. 

I remember my first day of teaching myself, I gave myself cramps trying to play the beginning of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana… then came the first lessons, the first band and the increasing need to deepen my knowledge of music.

Livio Lamonea was my mentor and the bands which I played in were incentives and important tests as well by which I could develop better musical and editorial skills. 

All of the above has been fully applied to Soul Secret, of which I am proud to be the creator and founder. With them I have come a long way and I hope to go further…

I'm currently studying jazz guitar with Alessio Menconi.

I cannot imagine my life without music and my mother keeps singing within me"

"Marek brought Antonio on board, having worked with him previously, Antonio has added some very tasty jazz infused guitar parts to nearly the whole album now and we are very happy that he agreed to contribute to it as he is also a very busy man!" (Guy)





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