New Album - Launch Shows Timetable


Cat. No. : 201310 - Festival Music (F2)
Release Date : October 7th 2013


ARFM Soundscapes (Paul Baker) [UK]
Sun 15th SEPTEMBER 2013 3pm-6pm UK Time
Paul Baker will be previewing some of the new album and playing back a pre-recorded interview with Guy.
(You can feedback / ask questions via Paul in the studio [studio@ARFm.co.uk] whilst the show is on air as Guy may be lurking and can respond to them!)
The International Prog Rock Show (Francois Marceau) [CANADA]CANADA]
Fri 27th SEPTEMBER 2013 2pm EST/ 7pm UK Time (then available to download)
Frank (Francois Marceau) conducted a phone interview recently with Guy about the album, the individual tracks and all sorts oif stuff!
Frank will also feature some of the new pieces.


'Progdog' (Jason Bermiller) [CANADA]
Mon 30th SEPTEMBER 2013 5pm Pacific / 8pm EST / 1am UK Time
 Bermiller will play the whole of new album interspersed with a pre-recorded interview with Guy.

Delicious Agony Radio (Don Cassidy) [USA]
Mon 30th SEPTEMBER 2013 8pm EST / Tues 1st OCTOBER 1am UK Time
Wed 2nd OCTOBER 2013 10am EST / 3pm UK Time (REPEAT)
Don Cassidy will air a pre-recorded interview with Guy plus play some of the album.
Guy will hopefully be available to chat to you in the Delicious Agony chat room (more likely on the Wed session rather than on the Tues early morning!)

The European Perspective PODCAST ('The Amazing Wilf') [UK]
Sat 19th / Sun 20th OCTOBER 2013
Tracks from the new album plus a pre-recorded Interview where 'The Amazing Wilf' interrogates Guy about all things MANNING!

Available to Download
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